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September was an ok month when it came to working out.  I did regular workouts each week but I do feel like in October I need to step things up a little bit!

During September I rode my bike plenty of times and finished the month with a ride which matched the longest ride I did over my birthday weekend.  I did struggle a lot more coming back and so I know I need to increase my cardio levels.  It was still a great achievement and it was nice to ride in the sunshine.  The previous few rides were all in the rain, now autumn is here it’s about making the most of the good days!

Fitness Fun Cycling

In September I got back to my circuits class which I was doing regularly earlier in the year.  I enjoyed going back and think now the winter months are on their way I will be doing more workouts in the gym.  I love circuits as it’s a good mixture of cardio, weights and body weight exercises.

I also spent some time in a different gym – I went for the afternoon at Virgin Active.  This is where I did my personal training course many years ago so it was nice to go back.  I had a fitness test for my insurance and I’m waiting for those results.  I then spent some time in the gym area.  It’s nice to try a new place with new equipment. They had a great area for kettlebells and general circuit training.

Fitness Fun Kettlebells

I finished the month with a run outdoors, the last week of the month had plenty of sunshine so I wanted to get outside!  I did a new run and ran to the local park and around the football pitch a couple of times and then ran home.  It’s nice to switch things up sometimes as I tend to do the same route when I go for a run!

I also managed to add in a few weight sessions.  I finished the program I was following and I need to find a new one.  I much prefer to follow a plan when it comes to lifting weights rather than making it up as I go!  One day I added in Russian Deadlifts and I haven’t done those for years so they were tough!

All in all it was a good month of fitness and I am looking forward to stepping it up during October and finding a new weights program!

What were your workouts in September?  Share below!