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It’s the time of the month again where I share with you the things I have been loving recently. It’s hard to believe it is already October!  Here are the favourite things I enjoyed in September including a great film, new shoes and some new Arbonne products.

The Film

Through my insurance I can now receive free cinema tickets, so trips to the cinema will become a lot more regular!  Last month I went to see Legend and I absolutely loved it – I was gripped from beginning to end.  It’s a story of the notorious London gangsters the Kray twins.  What’s unique about the film is the brothers are both played by Tom Hardy who I thought gave an incredible performance as both characters!  I would certainly recommend watching it if you enjoy a good crime drama.

legend tom hardy poster

The Book

I am currently reading You are a Badass and although I haven’t quite finished it yet, I’ve really enjoyed it so far.  It’s a self-development book which tells it like it is and I like not only the content but also the style the book is written in.  The author, Jen Sincero, shares ways you can go out and live the badass life you deserve!

You are a Badass Book

The Lips

In September Arbonne launched a number of new products.  One of my favourites to use has been the Intelligence Lip Treatment.  It is designed to plump, moisturise and prime the lips.  I love the texture of the product and how my lips feel, I usually put it on before my lipstick.  it can also help with the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles around the lips.  As the weather cools down I often get chapped lips and this has been really helping keep them moisturised!

Arbonne Intelligence Lip Treatment

The Sports Nutrition

Sticking with new Arbonne products I have also been using and absolutely loving Phytosport, the new sports nutrition line.  I was fortunate to trial this product line before its official release and I love how it is a great addition to my workouts.  Within the set there is a pre-workout, a hydration drink and post-workout recovery drink.  You mix them all with water and my workouts have been better and so has my recovery!  They all taste delicious and I can’t imagine exercising without them now!  They are BSCG certified and appropriate for professional athletes, recreational exercisers and anyone who is creating a more active lifestyle.

Arbonne Phytosport Sports Nutrition Set

The Rings

I got myself some new jewellery before I went to Arbonne’s Conference last month and I can’t get enough of this Topshop Moon and Stars ring set!  I love the concept of shooting for the stars and how amazing the moon and our universe is, so I had to pick these up.

Topshop Moon and Star Ring Set

The Shoes

Also for AAC I wanted some comfier heels for dancing the night away in.  My friend recently said she got some comfortable shoes from Next so I rushed down the morning before leaving for Birmingham and bought these shoes.  I’ve worn them a few times since and so far they have been pretty comfy!  They are the sort of shoes which go well with dresses, trousers and leggings.

The Pedi

I also think think the comfort of my shoes has been helped by using the Scholl Velvet Smooth Diamond Pedi.  I saw it featured on a few blogs and although I know Scholl did a big push for sponsored posts this isn’t one of them and I decided to buy it for myself to see if it would rid my dry/hard skin.  It’s pretty gross to talk about but it’s something I struggle with and I have to say I think this product really does work!  It’s battery operated and you use it on dry skin which means you don’t have to get into awkward positions in the shower with your foot file.  I really like how smooth it makes my feet feel after.  This is now a regular feature in my regime!

Scholl Diamond Pedi

So those are all the things I enjoyed in September!  What were your favourite things last month? Share below!