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Last week this blog turned 2!  It’s always nice to celebrate milestones so I thought it would be fitting to share what I’ve learnt over these last couple of years when it comes to my blog and also what’s to come in the future.


I’d wanted to have a blog for a long time, a few people mentioned it to me over the years as I love to write – To be honest I didn’t really have any idea what blogging involved or how to get started.  About 4 years ago I began to start reading more blogs and watching YouTube videos – It was a new world which I discovered!  In my work for Pennine Cycles I also began to learn about web design and social media a lot more.  Eventually all these things came together and my blog was born!

I wasn’t sure what I wanted my blog to be about in the beginning and to be honest I think it is still evolving.  Having my own business with Arbonne, I felt my blog would be a good platform to share my business and the products.  I think in some ways this was a justification to myself as I knew it would take time out of my day to create my own blog.  Of course, Arbonne is a part of my blog as it’s a big part of my life and there are lots of other things featured on here too!

Over the last few years I have taken a number of courses, read lots about blogging and the online world and I really researched what I like in a blog.  The last few months I have been a little bit lost and haven’t made my blog a priority but now I have my blogging mojo back – This month there have already been more posts than last month! I am still learning and discovering the best ways to blog, the subjects I am passionate about and finding out what my readers enjoy – I believe you are always learning and evolving.

I’ve learnt to be confident about having a lifestyle blog, to treat as an additional business and take it seriously.  Over the last 2 years alongside this blog I’ve also developed other businesses and another blog.  I really believe you can be multi-passionate and successful.  What I love about this blog is it 100% my own so I can write whatever I want!

I want this blog to continue to develop, to inspire you and also be a diary of some of the exciting adventures I go on.  Next year there will be plenty of travel posts, more business tips and will probably include subjects i haven’t even thought about yet!

So if you’ve read my blog regularly for the last 2 years or this is your first time here, thank you for reading and thank you for your support!