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Last Thursday I was invited to be a panelist on a new BBC Radio Leeds project.  I was excited to be asked and of course I said yes.  It was a little bit nerve-wracking but I always believe it’s good to try new things.

I arrived at Bradford University where the show was taking place and went up to the studio.  As an ex-student of the university it’s always nice to go back.  The studio itself was a proper TV studio, with students taking up the roles on camera, sound, editing and everything else which goes into filming!

Myself and my fellow panelists Dermot Bolton, the host of Politics in the Pub and Adris Asghar, a local actor, were interviewed by Johnny I’Anson from BBC Radio Leeds. This was a pilot episode of Chewing the Fat which will be aired on both the radio and shown on YouTube at a later date.

BBC Radio Leeds, Chewing the Fat Panel

Courtesy of Johnny I’Anson on Twitter

The set we were sat on was based on a living room and filming began!  There was a live house band who were great – You can find a sneaky behind the scenes video on my Instagram account.  We shared our views on various topics in a newsnight meets TFI Friday style show.  We discussed the Paris attacks, Charlie Sheen and HIV, things which annoys us and the pros and cons of smart phones.

BBC Radio Leeds, Chewing the Fat Panel BBC Radio Leeds, Chewing the Fat Panel

It was a great experience to see what happens when a show is filmed and of course it was good to step out of my comfort zone and be part of the panel itself.  I hope the show continues beyond the pilot as I think is is a great concept and good to see fantastic things are happening with the university and local students as well as including local people such as myself!

BBC Radio Leeds, Chewing the Fat Panel

I will share the recordings once they have gone live!  It was a nice way to spend a Thursday afternoon, I met some nice people and I had a new experience of being on a panel and a TV show!