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Wow, November seemed to fly by in the blink of an eye!  It was a busy month and here are few of my favourite things including Johnny Depp, affairs, lipstick and red cups!

The TV Show

I have been totally obsessed with watching The Affair this month!  I heard about it earlier in the year when it won a Golden Globe and when it came to Sky I recorded the first season.  This month I finally got around the watching it.  I watched the whole first season in a week and now I am half way through the second season which is currently being shown on Sky – It’s torturous having to wait a week now! The premise of the show is about a man and women who have an affair, they are both married and it explores the effects on both them and their families.  The format of the show is very clever as we see the same story shown from different points of view, in the first season we followed the couple having the affair Noah, an aspiring author who is married and has 4 children and Alison who is also married and has a secrets from her past.  I found it gripping and I can’t wait to see how season 2 ends!

The Affair November Favourites

The Lipstick

This month I have been enjoying Arbonne’s Iris Smoothed Over Lipstick, a pink toned dark lipstick.  I am wearing it in the photo below.  It’s a great colour for the winter months and will look great over the festive period too!

Iris Arbonne Lipstick, Favourites

The Film

Over the weekend, I used my free cinema ticket, and went to see Black Mass with Johnny Depp.  It’s a fantastic film based on the true story of notorious American gangster Jimmy ‘Whitey’ Bugler.  It was fascinating to see how Johnny Depp transformed in what many people are saying is the best performance of his career.  The story is based on Jimmy becoming an FBI informant and how the story escalates on both sides of the law.

Black Mass November Favourites

The Hot Chocolate

This month, many of the coffee shops have turned festive and I have been enjoying plenty of hot chocolates!  I don’t drink tea or coffee and usually I have water but at Christmas time I do enjoy a hot chocolate to warm me up on a cold day.  I especially love the Christmas flavours as they make a nice change and they all have new cups!  Through my life insurance I am able to earn a free Starbucks drink every week and so I’ve been taking advantage of this during the festive season!

Starbucks Red Cup, Vitality Insurance

Those were a few of my favourite November items.  What was your favourite thing in November?  Share below!