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January is the start of a new year and signifies a fresh start, new beginnings and a year full of potential.  I believe January is a brilliant month to start a networking marketing business to help you fulfil your dreams for the new year and you can use the positive mindset you have to get your business started!

If you are not familiar with network marketing as a business model, in a nutshell, it is an industry which allows you to build a business using a brands product or service, you don’t have to hold stock, there is a smaller economical output required to start than a traditional business and it gives you the chance to earn an income.  Some of the top leaders in the world endorse network marketing, including Robert Kiyosaki.

Starting a Network Marketing Business

For me, network marketing opened my eyes to the business world.  I always wanted to have my own business but I didn’t have the capital or the idea to begin.  When I began my network marketing business I was blown away by all the support I received, the incredible products and how simple it was to start a business.

I actually started my business in February but I believe January (and February) are great times to begin, here are 3 reasons why:

1 – New Year New You

As I mentioned January is the time when many people are wanting to make a change in their lives.  You can build your network marketing business part-time around your current role so you don’t have to give up too much to get started and be successful.  You will need to make some adjustments to your time to fit in a new business but you don’t have to give up your current job or business to get started.

2 – Positive People

January is also a time when other people are looking to make a change themselves.  This means you may find like-minded people who also want to start a new business and create an additional income stream with you.  You will also be able to find clients who are looking for what you are offering.  My company, Arbonne, offers nutrition products which are popular in January as many of my clients are looking to start the year off healthy.

3 – Tax Incentives

The tax year in the UK runs from April to April this means you have 3 months of the current tax year to take advantage of.  In the beginning of building your network marketing business you may make some investments in buying products, travelling to meet people and buying books for learning.  These can all be included in your tax return and possibly offset against any tax you have paid.  Of course, it is also wise to speak to an accountant about this and remember once you earn any money through your network marketing business you must register as self-employed.

Having my own business within the network marketing industry has completely transformed my life.  It taught me about business, networking, customer service and self-development.  If you are looking to make a change, earn more money or create more time in the long-run I would highly recommend you take the time to look into the industry.  Here’s a snippet of what Tony Robbins thinks (move to 1.18 to see):

If starting a business in network marketing sounds like something you’d like to learn more about you can contact me or take a look at my Arbonne page!