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After spending time over Christmas watching Star Wars episodes 1-6 and fully catching up with the story it was time to see Star Wars episode 7 – The Force Awakens.

I was happy I didn’t see or read any spoilers before seeing the film.  I watched a number of interviews with the cast and they were all very discreet about what happens.  I would never knowingly tell somebody key parts of the plot (without a disclaimer) so it’s sad when people do that.  It was nice to be able to go into the cinema unaware of what I was going to see!

Star Wars The Force Awakens Film Review

I certainly won’t spoil the plot for you if you haven’t seen it but if you don’t want to know what happens I would recommend heading to the cinema soon before you find out!  There are some big twists and surprises in the plot!

May The Force Be With You

What I knew about the film beforehand was that some of the original cast were in the film.  On the Graham Norton show, Carrie Fisher said they were know as the pioneers.  It is also clear from the posters and trailers there were to be some new characters.  Pilot Poe, Scavenger Rey and Stormtrooper Finn.  Of course, it’s Star Wars so there has to be a bad-guy and this comes in the form of Kylo Ren – Who pays homage to Darth Vader in a similar black outfit.  He is a very good villain.

In fact throughout the film there are many references to the original 3 films and I really like that.  I believe there has been some criticism of similarities between the Force Awakens and A New Hope but I think that is a good thing.  JJ Abrams directed the film and I thought he did a great job – It is gripping, true to it’s routes and also went in its own direction.

At the beginning of the film we find out Luke Skywalker has vanished and both the resistance and the First Order (the bad guys) are searching the galaxies in a quest to find him first.  There is a droid BB-8 who may hold the key to Luke’s whereabouts – This droid has to be a new favourite character!

I was surprised by how much humour was in the film and there were some laugh out loud parts, especially from Finn played by British actor John Boyega and my favourite Han Solo played by Harrison Ford.

I felt it was a great film and a brilliant way to bring the Star Wars franchise back to audiences.  The original Star Wars fans will of course have already seen it I’m sure but it’s also attracting a new generation of fans giving it a new lease of life.  Many of my friends children were wanting Star Wars toys for Christmas.

The end of the film left it open for the Star Wars story to continue.  I am sure the next director Rian Johnson will take the film in a slightly different direction but it was well set up by JJ Abrams to be another cracking Star Wars trilogy.

Have you seen Star Wars The Force Awakens yet?  What were your thoughts?! Share below!