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Over the last few months I have been going to the cinema much more regularly thanks to earning my free cinema tickets through my insurance business.  It’s one of my favourite things to do and in 2016 there are so many films coming out which I am looking forward to seeing.

As it is currently Awards Season many of the nominated films are due to be released soon and as these are films I’ve seen trailers for are the main ones on the list.  I am sure as the year progresses and new trailers and films are confirmed for release the list will grow!

Films to see in 2016

The Revenant

For the last week, every film podcast I’ve heard, every movie review I’ve read and every person I’ve spoken to seems to be talking about The Revenant.  Nominated for 12 Oscars it’s leading the way in the awards and Leo seems to be a dead-cert for the best actor.  It also stars Tom Hardy who got an Oscar nomination too and I loved him in Legend so I’m expecting his performance to be great.  When I first saw the trailer I didn’t think too much to it except it looked cold but because of all the hype I now really want to see it!

The Hateful Eight

All the Tarantino films I’ve seen I’ve enjoyed and I am sure this one will be no different.  A story about eight unsavoury characters who are stuck for the night in a haberdashery – What can possibly go wrong in a Quentin Tarantino film?!

The Big Short

This is a film which has a star studded cast including Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Steve Carrell and Ryan Gosling.  Based on true events it’s about a group who saw what was happening with the banks before the big collapse and invested against the big corporations.


Spotlight looks like the kind of film I will really enjoy.  Another film based on a true story it follows a team of reporters at the Boston Globe who uncover a huge scandal of child molestation within the Catholic church.


As a recent NFL convert it makes me want to see Concussion as it is based on the story of Dr Bennett Omalu who made the discovery and connection between NFL players and subsequent brain injuries and issues later in their lives.  Will Smith plays the doctor and I usually like a Will Smith film!

Hail, Caesar

When I first heard the title for this film I thought it was going to be about the Roman Empire.  Thankfully, for me, as that’s not my favourite kind of film this is a Coen brothers film based on the movie industry in the 1950’s.  The films star played by George Clooney gets kidnapped and the film follows characters as they try to uncover what happened!

Free State of Jones

This is a Matthew McConaughey film which is another film based on a true story.  This film is set during the Civil War when a soldier becomes disillusioned with what he’s fighting for and creates a rebellion.


A comic book based film is not usually my first choice of films to see and there appears to be lots of these set to be released in 2016.  However when I saw the trailer for Deadpool I thought it looked great!  Starring Ryan Reynolds this film is about Deadpool who is more of an anti-hero and it looked like it would be funny and a little bit different to a conventional marvel film.

Rogue One

Having spent most of Christmas watching the first 6 Star Wars films and subsequently going to see The Force Awakens I thought I should add Rogue One to the list. I don’t know much about it and there is no trailer as yet.  I believe Rogue One is a Star Wars story and not part of the main franchise of movies.  It goes back to Darth Vader and sees a different story of some of the characters old and new.


Dalton Trumbo was an American screenwriter in the 1940’s.  This is another film based on true events and Trumbo refuses to speak to congress about his communist sympathies and as such is sent to prison.  When he is released he is blacklisted by Hollywood and so tries to find a way back into the industry.

I really like the sound of all of these films and I’m looking forward to seeing them over the next few months.  Of course, as I’ve not seen any of the films yet some of my descriptions could be a little bit off! One thing I have noticed is these are all male-led films so hopefully I will discover some fantastic strong female films in 2016 too, as last year there were some great female-led movies!

What films are you looking forward to in 2016? Share below!