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I love watching YouTube videos.  I generally switch on a video in a morning when I’m getting ready or over lunch when I’m working from home.   When I decided to write about some of my favourites it was a tough choice as there are so many great creators on YouTube.  I decided to chose the people I’ve watched for the longest and whose videos I still continue to watch.

youtube favourites

Mimi Ikonn

I think Mimi was one of the first people I probably ever watched on YouTube as she began doing hair tutorials on Luxy Hair. I didn’t even realise YouTube was a thing at the time and someone said they had watched a hair tutorial online.  Having never been great at doing my own hair and having an event coming up I did a search and found Mimi!  Since then I have watched many more of her tutorials and in recent times I have tended to watch her lifestyle channel where she features some amazing travel vlogs, fashion tips and most of all I love when she shares behind the scenes to her various businesses.  I love getting tips and inspiration from her and also her husband Alex as they are really successful entrepreneurs.

Tanya Burr

Much like Mimi I discovered Tanya when I was searching for makeup tutorials – Once I realised this is what people did on YouTube! I’ve got some great ideas and inspiration from her makeup looks and then applied them using my Arbonne cosmetics.  Tanya has also become a really great business women and although I am not really her target audience I like her vlogs as occasionally she will share some behind the scenes footage of her projects.  It’s amazing to see how far she has come.

Lily Pebbles

I love watching Lily’s vlogs and think she does an incredible job of editing her videos.  I especially enjoyed watching her recent Vlogmas.  Last year I met her and Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup at their Beauty Chat Live.  It’s nice to get a peek into someones life and I picked up lots of tips about blogging and vlogging from her.  She is also my go-to guide whenever I am visiting London as she has some great videos and also I pick up areas and restaurants to visit when I watch her weekly vlogs.

Alex Beadon

When I started building my own business I discovered Alex and her Chatty Tuesday series.  I got so many tips and  ideas of how to grow my own business especially online.  A few years ago this was all totally alien to me!  I have continued to follow Alex and although she had a break from videos I’m glad to see her back.  I’ve also taken her Feel Good Blogging course and am a member of her Spark Lounge.  These have been really helpful as she takes the information she gives on her YouTube channel to the next level.

Amy Schmittauer

Much like Alex I began following Amy when I wanted to increase my social media presence and learn about the online world.  Amy runs Savvy Sexy Social and every week puts out great content which is always useful and has really helped me to understand how to build my online presence.  I’ve noticed this year Amy has increased her schedule so I’m looking forward to receiving more content and enjoying her channel even more!

These are the 5 channels I have been watching for a number of years, so I am certainly a fan of them all.  I like watching videos as I am quite a visual person so I can learn, be inspired and be entertained.

Who are your current favourite people to watch on You Tube?  Share below, I’d love to find even more great channels to watch!

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