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The first month of the year is over already and for me it went by so quickly.  This is a great reminder of how fast the months can pass and to make each one count.  There were quite a few things I enjoyed in January which have made it to my favourites list including lots of fitness clothing, some healthy recipes and a diary to get organised!

The Recipe Book

I find January is a good time to refocus on being healthy and I bought the Lean in 15 cookbook to try some new recipes.  So far, every recipe I have tried has been really nice.  The goal of the book is to make your meals quickly, within 15 minutes.  I find the best way to start is to make sure everything is prepared because once you start cooking you have to act quick.  My favourites have been the Sag Aloo with Chicken and the Chicken and New Potato Hash. I am looking forward to trying more recipes over the coming weeks.

lean in 15 cookbook

The Film

I’ve watched a few films this month but my favourites have to be Star Wars – The Force Awakens and The Revenant.  Having watched the previous 6 films in the Star Wars franchise over Christmas, I started the year off with the most recent episode.  I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to seeing where the story heads in the future.  With it now being awards season there are some great films out at the moment, this is perfect for a quiet January.  The Revenant is an incredible film and I was impressed by the cinematography and the whole story was amazing.  It’s already won a fair few awards and I’m sure will certainly win a few Oscars too!

The Sports Wear

For me January has been a month where I stepped up my fitness regime and for Chistmas I was fortunate to get some new sports bras.  When you up your exercise routine it’s always a search for clean gym clothes!  These bras from Adidas are great for cardio and weights and they look nice under your outfit.  I also got some new outfits from Fabletics.  I think the quality of their clothes is great and if you sign up for a VIP customer you get a discount – You do have to join for monthly outfits so you need to remember to skip a month if you don’t want to get charged.  In the photo below my leggings are from Fabletics.

The Trainers

I also added some new trainers to my fitness wardrobe.  I was desperate for some new ones as my old trainers were beginning to hurt my feet if I did any cardio.  I went for these bright pink Adidas Boosts which feel great and I have been using them all month.  Through the insurance I offer I can get trainers once a year at 50% off, so that was an even sweeter deal.

Adidas Trainer and Fabletics

The Chocolates

January wasn’t always super healthy and I enjoyed some of my Christmas chocolates.  I was bought a box of Baci chocolates which I’ve never had before. They were really nice with a praline, nutty taste.  I’d really recommend trying them or giving as a nice gift!  I’ve still got a cupboard full of chocolates and I usually share them with Keil.  Life is all about balance and a bit of chocolate now and again is the best!

The Diary

I have been working hard to be more organised and I am certainly getting better and more productive.  I’ve been using this diary from Paperchase which I received for Christmas.  The pages are nice and big which allows me to write my plan for each day.  It’s satisfying to cross things off the list and it’s nice to be more productive!

2016 Diary

January has been a good month and it’s always fun to try new things, especially Christmas presents as these may be things you wouldn’t normally treat yourself to.

What was the favourite thing you discovered in January? Share below.