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As soon as I saw the trailer for the new Spotlight film I knew it was a film I wanted to see.  It’s an investigative drama and alongside The Revenant and The Big Short it’s in the running for the best picture at the Oscars.  It is based on true events and I thought it was a great film.

The film itself is certainly what can be described as an ensemble piece, with the main characters all having almost equal screen time and each being integral to the story.  The film is focused around the Spotlight team at The Boston Globe newspaper.  The team spend their time investigating stories which can take weeks or months before they are featured in the paper.

The Spotlight team consists of Michael Rezendes, played by Mark Ruffalo, Sacha Pfeiffer played by Rachel McAdam and Matt Carroll played by Brian d’Arcy James.  The team is led by Michael Keaton who plays Walker ‘Robby’ Robinson.  The investigation the team follows is suggested by new Editor of the Globe, Marty Baron (Liev Schreiber).

Spotlight Film Review

The Investigation

Baron wants the team to investigate a report about the Catholic church covering up child abuse by priests.  They contact lawyer Mitchell Garabidien played by Stanley Tucci who has been aware of this for years and has been the lawyer for some of the victims.

What unfolds is a long and detailed investigation about how much has been covered up, by who and for how long.  Boston is a close-knit, catholic city and many times nobody wants to talk.  It is clear people knew about the cover up but it’s the teams job to uncover exactly who or what.  To begin with they are investigating one priest and they have no idea what path this will take them down.

I felt the film dealt with the subject matter well, it is serious and shocking.  We see it though the eyes of the journalists and they are surprised by many of their discoveries.  I really thought it was a wonderful film and I can see why it has already received a number of awards including best ensemble cast at the Screen Actors Guild – As I said it really is an ensemble piece.

It’s a film I’d certainly recommend, although not high on action it is thought provoking, moving and powerful.

Have you seen Spotlight or is it a film you would like to see? Let me know in the comments below!