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The sun is beginning to shine again, the daffodils are blooming which can only mean spring is finally here!  This also means Easter is on it’s way too.  One of my favourite sweet treats at Easter is a chocolate nest.  I don’t have a huge sweet tooth but I think it is the simplicity of the Easter nest which makes me love them so much!

Last Easter time I was lunching with a friend and her children and I ordered one.  The waitress thought it was for one of the children, I suppose it brings out the child in me!  If you do have children this is fun and easy recipe to make together too.

British Fun

I am a big fan of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk so I used this in my recipe, it is one of the best chocolates and tastes great when using it in the nests.  In fact this a very British inspired recipe using both Cadbury’s and Golden Syrup – Both traditionally British brands!  I don’t know if the recipe itself is British, I’d be interested to find out if you had Easter Nests around the world growing up.

This recipe makes 10 nests, I used some cute blue polka-dot cupcake cases which I bought from Asda last spring-time.

Chocolate Easter Nests Recipe


These chocolate Easter Nests are simple and quick to make which is another reason I love them, anything which doesn’t take too long but tastes delicious is alright with me.  I like to decorate them with Mini Eggs, another Easter tradition.

Chocolate Easter Nests Recipe

Apart from enjoying Easter Nests and chocolate in general what are your plans this Easter time?  I am looking forward to having a long weekend not doing too much, reflecting on all the positives in my life and of course enjoying these Easter Nests!

What’s your favourite Easter treat?  I’d love to find out as I’m always looking for new recipes and inspiration!