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My March favourites are coming a little late this month, I was really poorly for well over a week and that threw off my whole life schedule – Who has time to be ill?!  Anyway I still wanted to share a few of the things I enjoyed in March so here goes…

The Hat

Over on Voltage Sport we are in the process of putting together our first clothing collection!  It’s a really exciting time and myself and Keil had great fun doing a little photo shot in March.  More photos will follow over on VS.  We are currently doing a soft launch and have some of our items already on the website.  As the weather was still quite chilly in March I loved wearing my Bolt Beanie.  I am so pleased with the collection which also includes t-shirts and hats.  I can’t wait to share more soon.

About Caroline Towers | Conversations with Caroline

The TV Show

Last month I mentioned I had begun to watch The People vs O.J. Simpson.   I have still really been enjoying the show.  Although I know how it ends it’s fascinating to see all the details.  I do remember watching the trial but it was a long time ago and the show also explores behind the scenes.  I have seen some interviews with Marsha Clarke who said it’s fairly true to life with what happened away from the TV cameras in the courtroom.  It’s interesting to re-live one of the most famous trials ever and see how racism, sexism and celebrity all played a part.

The Film

I really enjoyed watching Hail, Caesar! in March.  I thought it was a great film made by the Coen brothers.  It was really a homage to old Hollywood, had some great characters and I thoroughly enjoyed it!  You can read my full review here.

Hail, Caesar! Film Review

The Social Platform

I have really been enjoying sharing photos on Instagram recently.  I’ve always enjoyed instagram as a platform but I think as I have been trying to improve my photography it has really got my attention.  I have also set myself a schedule so I have an idea of what topics I want to post about.  This has been really helpful rather than sitting there trying to think of something to post!  It also helps I have found an amazing app (see below) so my photos look better than ever.  I know there was a big deal about Instagram’s algorithm changing which I was disappointed by but we have to go with the flow and you can still make instagram work well for you.


The App

I have been a big lover of the blog A Beautiful Mess for sometime and I loved their photo editing app by the same name until eventually it stopped working on my phone.  When I found out they were launching a new app, A Color Story, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and downloaded it the same day.  It is a great app with some fabulous filters, great tools and it seems to make all my photos look good!  I also love getting inspiration from #acolorstory on Instagram.  I bought the in-app purchases so have the full range of filters but the 2 free ones are great and a good place to start.  It’s an app I’d highly recommend!


Those were my favourite things in March, what did you enjoy the most last month?!  Comment below!