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April was a wonderful month full of travelling around California and Nevada.  Here are a few of my favourite things from the past month including suncream, cars, airbnb’s and Instagram!

The Suncream

My trip to America felt like the first time I’d seen the sun in forever!  My skin is naturally very pale, I burn easily and before I discovered Arbonne’s products every time I went away I would get nasty rashes, I can only presume this was chemicals in the suncream’s I was using reacting in the sun onto my skin.  Since I began using Arbonne’s suncream 5 years ago I haven’t had any rashes at all!  This makes travelling even better now. This year was the first time I really used Arbonne’s Liquid Sunshine for the face and I loved having a specific product to protect my face, which I could pop into my handbag when I was going out for the day!

The Website

On this trip it was the first time I used AirBnB.  This is a great website where you can rent other people’s homes.  The property I rented in Los Angeles was a great little bungalow in Hollywood.  The experience was a positive one and I would certainly recommend using this website if you are looking for somewhere different to stay – Often the prices in a big city are more reasonable than a hotel!  You can use my link to get £14 off your first booking!

The Nails

For the first time in ages I got my nails done ready for travelling.  I went for a gel french manicure and I really enjoyed having my nails looking nice!  I also got them redone whilst away.  The french look is good as it then goes with any outfit, any nail polish on your toes and you can always paint a colour over it too.  You can get of glimpse of them in this photo I took in Santa Monica!

Cheers Santa Monica! It may have been a short visit but it’s been a good one 👌 #travellife

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The Social Platform

Whilst I was a away I loved sharing my photos on Instagram.  My Insta name is @carolinetowersbiz.  It was nice to be able to share some of my travels and it made me try to take some better quality photos.  I took lots more photos too but I tried to share at least one photo a day over on Insta!

Caroline Towers Instagram

The Films

I watched a couple of great films on the plane from Manchester to Las Vegas.  I thoroughly enjoyed Steven Speilberg’s Bridge of Spies which is a film set around the Cold War.  I also really liked Steve Jobs and it was interesting to see some of what happened in his life as I didn’t really know too much about him.  It also referenced Guy Kawasaki, who was the keynote speaker at the conference I was heading to, so that was fun too!

The Cars

I am not a car person but whilst I was away to get around America we needed some cars!  We were fortunate to borrow a white Mercedes whilst in Southern California and then for our trip to Palm Springs and back to Las Vegas we hired a car and were upgraded to Mustang!  It was fun to drive around with the top down.  Keil was especially pleased when we got this car as he was the one driving!

New whip 🚗 #hotrod

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We also used Lyft and Uber for the first time.  These were really easy ways to get around, especially in LA.  Both Lyft and Uber are taxi services which you download an app for.  What’s great when you are travelling is they can find your location and pick you up from there.  Uber is available in the UK too now and you can get £10 off your first ride using my code carolinet17770ue – Lyft is only in America at the moment, my friend said she preferred these and you can get a discount off your first ride with my code CAROLINE717251 – It’s certainly worth giving them both a try when you are travelling!

Those were a few of my favourite things whilst I was travelling last month.  Stay tuned as I will be sharing more of my adventures soon – To keep updated join my VIP list here.