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After returning from a 3 week trip to America, I have so much to share!  This blog may be a little travel heavy for the next month or so as I post all of my content from my travels.  I love to read about other peoples adventures so I hope you will enjoy reading about mine just as much.

Whilst travelling I love to take lots of photos, I took plenty with my ‘real’ camera but it was nice and often more convenient to snap away with my iPhone.  My current favourite social media platform is Instagram and it was great to be able to share some of my favourite iPhone pics on there whilst I was away.  It was good to spend 10 minutes when I had some downtime to share a photo of what I’d been up to that day or the day before.  I think because I am a visual person and enjoy looking at photos I also like to share my own photographs along the way.

One of the best things about travelling is the memories you create.  On a busy trip like the one I went on this time it’s easy to forget places I visited or things I’ve done as I was always moving on to something else.  By capturing photos and then sharing them onto insta I have them saved!

Here are the photos I took from my trip which I shared on Insta, the trip included Las Vegas, Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Palm Springs and then back to Las Vegas.

Travelling on Instagram | Caroline Towers Travelling on Instagram | Caroline Towers Travelling on Instagram | Caroline Towers

I really do enjoy connecting with people on Instagram so if you want to find me you can, my user name is @carolinetowersbiz.  

Do you like to share photos on Instagram?  I’d love to know what you like to do when you travel to share what you’re up to!  Comment below 🙂