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Pizza is a firm favourite for me when it comes to eating out.  Trying somewhere new is always fun, so one Friday night I headed to Ecco Pizzeria in Roundhay, Leeds.

There are currently two branches of Ecco Pizzeria in Leeds, as well as the Roundhay restaurant they have one in Headingley.  From the outside the restaurant looks very appealing and trendy.  There’s a patio area which I imagine may have seating on a sunny day.  My first thought was it’s situated in between other pizza places so it must be good to stand out from the crowd.

We arrived at 7.30 and the restaurant was busy, it is small but I believe there was further seating downstairs.  Everything is very wood and modern.  The menu is extensive, especially when it comes to the pizzas.  There are so many different ones to chose from.  We were starving after a tough gym session earlier in the day so decided to share some wedges and dough balls before settling on our pizza.

Ecco Pizzeria, Leeds

The unique thing which Ecco Pizzeria offers is you can share one large pizza which comes on a huge board.  It’s two pizzas put into one so you still get the same amount of food as if you were to order your own individual pizza but it’s more economical to share! It was a tough decision but we went for The Mexican and The Meatball to share.  The pizza felt huge as it’s two combined together, it  genuinely was delicious.

Ecco Pizzeria, Leeds

Ecco Pizzeria isn’t licensed so we had San Pelligrino’s to drink.  It didn’t matter there was no wine on offer as we were driving.  They also offer gelato (Italian ice cream) which some other tables ordered and it looked like a huge scoop.  Sadly after all the starters and pizza we were too full to try the gelato – Another reason to go back!

Ecco Pizzeria, Leeds

We had a nice evening at Ecco Pizzeria with good, attentive service and delicious food.  A lovely little spot to try if you are in Leeds.

Are you a pizza lover like me?  If so, share your favourite in the comments below!