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Have you ever said, “I’d love to blog” or is blogging something which you have thought about doing but never taken it any further?  Blogging can be such a fun thing to do, whether for business or as a side-project.  Like any new thing it can be daunting but it is worth it, after all life is all about stretching your comfort zones.

Reasons to Start a Blog

If you are wanting to start a blog here are my 3 reasons to start one today:

You Have Something To Say

People often think about starting their own blog because they have something to share.  This is such a good thing and whether that’s to talk more about your business, because you have a fun hobby you’d like to educate others about or you want to keep a blog like an online diary you’ve got a great starting point.  If you are going to be blogging regularly it is important to make sure whatever you are going write about you have plenty to say.

You Enjoy Writing

To write a blog you don’t have to be the best writer but you do need to enjoy the writing process or at least learn to like it.  The pure essence of blogging is based on writing so you need to be prepared to do lots of it.  Even if you post once a week that’s still 52 written pieces a year.  When you are starting it’s important to get your ideas down on the page (or computer screen), your own style and voice will develop over time.

You Want To Learn

When you begin a new blog there can be a steep learning curve to understand the more technical aspects of running a website.  You will need to learn how to buy domain names, web hosting and how to build a website.  There are tutorials a plenty around the internet or lots of people who can do this for you.  You will also want to learn what makes a good blog post, how to post photos and how to promote and share your blog.  Many these things come with time so don’t get too hung up on them at the beginning.  It’s always fun to learn new skills and stretch your comfort zone.

Blogging can be such a fun thing to do whether it’s as a hobby, to grow a brand or compliment a business.  If it’s something you’ve been thinking of doing, I would say go for it!

What aspects of blogging are holding you back from starting your blog? Comment below.

Why to start a blog