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After visiting Arbonne’s Home Office it was time to collect our rental car and move forward in the next part of our trip.  For our trip to Los Angeles we’d been borrowing a family members car so we dropped their car off and went to the rental place.  We were surprised to get a Mustang convertible, this isn’t what we ordered but it is was nice to get an upgrade!  We were back near Dana Point so decided to quickly get some lunch by the harbour before setting off in search of Palm Springs.

You can see my vlog from the day here.

The drive from Dana Point to Palm Springs is stunning, with some wonderful scenery and winding roads along the way.  We had a great time listening to a road trip playlist we’d made up with the roof down!  The drive took a couple of hours until we were off the freeway and driving into Palm Springs.  I was so excited to be visiting as it’s the only place on the trip I’d never been to but had always wanted to go.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

On the way into Palm Springs we saw signs for the Aerial Tramway, this was something we really wanted to visit so decided we may as well do it straight away.  The tramway takes you high into the mountains where we were treated to some stunning views.  The tram itself has a rotating floor so it allows everyone to see the views going up and down the hill.  There are some supportive towers along the way which give the tram a bit of a wobble!  Myself and Keil wore our Voltage Sport clothing collection, with me wearing our snapback and Keil a t-shirt.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

It was much chillier up at the top, there was even a tiny bit of unmelted snow!  The views were incredible, we could see the whole of Palm Springs and beyond.  We were able to explore up steps, climb on rocks and take plenty of photos.  We were almost amongst the clouds.  If you were prepared there are even some trails you can go along too.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

After an hour or so we decided it was time to head back down and get our feet back on the ground.  The only way down is back on the aerial tramway which was another fun ride.  On our way to find our hotel we stopped at the Palm Springs sign for a few photos!

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway Mustang Convertible Palm Springs Sign

Our hotel was the Avalon, a beautiful boutique hotel.  We were greeted with a glass of champagne and taken to our room.  Once we were unpacked, showered and ready for the evening it was almost dark out.  As we were new to the area I quickly checked on A Beautiful Mess, as before leaving the UK I’d read their Palm Springs Travel Guide.  We opted for Birba as we always love pizza and this restaurant came highly recommended.  We enjoyed a delicious Italian meal, the pizza is certainly good.

It had been a long day with visiting Arbonne, driving and going up the Tramway so we made our way back to the hotel, stopping for a couple of drinks before going back to get a good nights sleep ready to explore Palm Springs properly the next day.

The Palm Springs Tramway