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After a great time in Palm Springs, it was time to pack up our car for the final time.  To finish the trip we were going back to Las Vegas, the place it all began 3 weeks earlier.  We set off out of Palm Springs with the top down on the Mustang Convertible.  On the way out of Palm Springs there are hundreds of wind turbines which made a breezy start to the drive.

Roadtrip to Las Vegas

Once we were clear of Palm Springs it was time to drive through the desert.  The journey was full of cacti, long winding roads and places of emptiness, with nothing and no one for miles.  It was a fun but fairly long trip so once again we put some good music on and enjoyed the ride.  It was the first time I’d seen so many Yucca Trees and mailboxes in the middle of nowhere.

Roadtrip to Las Vegas Roadtrip to Las Vegas

Back in Vegas

We arrived in Las Vegas and parked up at The Palazzo, which was to be our home for the next couple of nights.  We had stayed here on our first ever trip to Las Vegas a number of years previous, so it was nice to go back to where the love affair with Sin City began.

Roadtrip to Las Vegas

The Palazzo is certainly a nice hotel, the room was how we remembered it.  A large suite (all their rooms are suites) with a big bed, a gorgeous bathroom and 2 levels with a sofa area.  We got ready for the evening and for dinner we went to the  Grand Lux restaurant.  This is somewhere we’d been a couple of years ago with friends.  It’s the same company as The Cheesecake Factory so the food was good and the portions large!  It had been a tiring day of driving, despite it being a Friday night we weren’t too much in the mood for a party.  Instead, we discovered the DB Brasserie who had a happy hour on their delicious wine.  So we had a few glasses at the bar before making our way back to the room, via a couple of slot machines.  The Palazzo and The Venetian are connected together making it a huge complex which is often difficult to navigate and you walk a lot!  We went to bed in anticipation for some pool time the following morning.

Roadtrip to Las Vegas

We’ve found it’s good to go to the pool early morning or later in the day when the sun isn’t as hot.  So we woke up early but when I opened the blinds I saw the one thing we didn’t want – Rain!  Instead of racing to the pool we had a lazy hour or so catching up on social media before getting dressed.

We went in search of food outside of The Palazzo, the rain had eased by this point but there was still no sign of the sun.  We went to the Mesa Grill in Caesars Palace which is a restaurant I included in my Vegas Restaurants I want to visit post.  We had some really good sandwiches before continuing to walk.  When we came out the weather was improving as we went down The Linq.  We found a bar which had a happy hour and some outdoor seating, it was fun to sit there and watch the world go by.  Usually, in Vegas it gets too hot to sit outside for long.  As it was cooler from the rain, we had a fun few hours watching the world go by.

Roadtrip to Las Vegas Roadtrip to Las Vegas

It was then time to get ready for our final evening.  To celebrate a great trip we wanted to go to one of Vegas’ nicer restaurants, however, because we left it late most of them were fully booked.  We did manage to get a table in Table 10 which is in The Palazzo so this was perfect.  We had a wonderful meal off the set menu, I would thoroughly recommend it.

Roadtrip to Las Vegas

After the meal, we went back to the DB Brasserie for another glass of wine.  We finished the night by exploring a few of the other casinos and their roulette tables.

On the final morning of our trip the sun was shining again!  We made our way down to the pool for a couple of hours of sunshine before we had to check out and go to the airport.

Catching some final rays of sunshine to finish an incredible 3 weeks of travelling! #travel

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We had the most wonderful trip and I would highly recommend going on a road trip in the USA.  Over 3 weeks we went from Las Vegas to Orange County to Los Angeles to Santa Monica to Palm Springs and back to Vegas, with plenty of things in between.  We had the best time and created memories which will last forever.

Ending a Road Trip in Las Vegas

Have you been on a road trip or is it something you’d love to do?  Share your thoughts and ideas below in the comments.