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When it comes to blogging there are so many different topics you can write about, so how do you decide your blogging niche?  In my latest video, I share a few of my ideas of how to decide what to blog about, you can watch it here.

When you begin blogging you may not know exactly what to talk about, I love writing lists so this is a good way to write about topics you want to share and ones you don’t.  Then look for themes in those topics you enjoy – It might be beauty, travel, going to local places.  Or like my blog it could be a few different groups which make it more of a lifestyle blog.

Whatever you decide remember there is always room for evolution.  So experiment with blog posts.  You may find something you love to do, you find boring to write about.  Something else I have learnt is don’t feel you need to blog about everything you enjoy – Sometimes it’s nice to keep a few things to yourself!

I feel currently this blog is evolving but that’s what makes it fun so never feel like once you have made a decision you have to keep it forever.  I know plenty of bloggers who have changed the content of their blog over time.

Above all when it comes to writing your blog and choosing your niche it needs to be about something you are really passionate about.  You will be writing a lot of content around the subject and if after a couple of posts you are out of enthusiasm and ideas it’s going to come across in your blog.

If you began your blog with the idea of having a fun outlet to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences it wants to be something you can talk about for years to come with some evolution.


Are you struggling with finding your niche?

If you know your niche, how did you decide what to blog about?

Share your ideas and answers in the comments below.