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Picking out a name for your blog can feel like a daunting challenge.  In this latest edition of my YouTube blogging series I share my top 3 tips when choosing a name for your blog.  You can watch the video here.

Selecting the name of your blog can be something which takes you a long time or you may think of something quickly and stick with it.  I would recommend not spending too much time finding a name because it’s better to put your time and energy into creating your blog and writing your first blog posts!

How to Choose Your Blog Name

  1. Find a Domain – If you want to look like you are taking your blogging seriously I would always recommend purchasing the domain name.  You need to ensure the name you want is available.  You can see how I advise to do this in my video.
  2. Check Social Media – Much like the domain you want to see if your blog name is available on the numerous social media channels.  Even if you don’t plan on using them to begin with.
  3. No Stress – Above all you don’t want to stress out about the name of your blog.  As your blog evolves, if you need to make changes to your name then you can.

By watching my video you can find out more about what I recommend when it comes to picking out your blog name.  Remember, once you have chosen your blog name and bought the domain, take my free 5-Day course to set your blog up and put it live on the internet.

Once you’ve selected your blog name, comment below and let me know what you are going to call your blog.

Or if you already have a blog, tell me, what’s your name and how did you decide on it?

Happy Blogging!

How to pick your blog name