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If you talked to me at any point over the last few months you would have quickly discovered my obsession with Mad Men!  I watched all 7 seasons in a very short space of time, squeezing them in at lunch time, early mornings and a few weekends.  I adored the TV show and was so sad when I watched those final scenes.

Blogging Lessons from Mad Men

This was my second attempt at watching the show, the first was a number of years ago where I got about 3 episodes in but didn’t get into it.  This time around I was hooked straight away.  If you haven’t seen Mad Men, I won’t give any spoilers.  It’s about characters at an advertising firm on Madison Avenue, New York during the 1950’s.

It is an ensemble piece, however there is a definite main character in Don Draper.  The story spans the years of the 50’s where women were secretaries, the men drank too much and their wives stayed at home with the children.  I thought it was an incredible show, with great writing, fantastic characters and I loved how they related to the times using real people and brands.

So what did I learn from this 1950’s based TV show which can relate to blogging today?  For me, there were a number of lessons which you can learn from when it comes to your blog.

Blogging lessons learnt from Mad Men

1 – Tell People

If you don’t tell people what you want, then how will they know?  This was a lesson learnt through Peggy, on more than one occasion as she pursued her career.  The same can be said with blogging, if you don’t tell people about your blog and what you offer how will they know?

2 – Find Your Passion

I think all of the characters are searching for their passion but this lesson came from Joan especially who really does find what she loves in the business world.  When it comes to blogging, write about you are passionate about.

3 – Be Creative

Of course, in advertising the folks in Mad Men had to be creative but I believe this can work for anyone who has a blog.  Stand out, do you and let your creativity shine in your writing, your photography and your social media!

4 – Put Your Readers First

Ok, for Mad Men they didn’t have readers (apart from when Don wrote THAT letter) but they did have clients and an audience to please and sell products to.  When you write your blog do you think about what will interest your readers as well as yourself?

5 – Get Things Done

When it comes to Don, he always did what needed to get done to grab the client, the girl or make the sale.  When it comes to your blog do what you need to do – Write the posts, share them on social media, Do what you’ve gotta do!

Have you ever seen Mad Men?  What were your opinions of the TV show?  Share your thoughts in the comments below!