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Every picture tells a story and today, more than ever, those photos need to be beautifully edited.  With photo sharing sites like Instagram where people share perfect pictures 24/7 it’s important to ensure your photos look good too.  It’s also a great idea to do some slight editing for your blog post pictures when required.

Photography isn’t my strongest point but it is something I am working on.  My favourite editing sites go a long way in helping me to achieve better quality images.  There are so many apps and sites available, many of them are free.  There are other websites and apps I use sometimes but these are my current 3 favourites to use at the moment:

Favourite Photo Editing Tools


Picmonkey is a free website which allows you to edit, design and create.  I tend to use it for simple edits to my photos such as cropping or adjusting the contrast on a photo.  When I’ve edited pictures on other sites I will often open them in Picmonkey to resize and finish off.


Canva is another free website and recently they launched an app too.  This is a great place to design graphics such as Instagram quotes or YouTube thumbnails.  You also have the option to purchase stock images for $1.  They do have a Canva for Business paid upgrade where you to do more things such as upload your own fonts – Great if you have a specific font you use for your brand which isn’t included in the free version.

A Color Story

A Color Story is an app brought out by one of my favourite blogs A Beautiful Mess.  The app is great and has so many different tools.  It allows you to crop, add colour fogs and of course its main feature – The filters!  This is the place I go to edit my photos the most, especially for Instagram.  I upgraded to the paid version where there are even more filters to choose from.  Often I will use a couple of filters but turn them down to 50% rather than have the full filter in use.

3 favourite photo editing tools

Those were 3 of my current favourite photo editing websites and apps which I currently use for almost every photo.

Do you use any of these or what are your favourite photo editing tools?  Comment below, I’d love to find out your thoughts.