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When it comes to blogging there are a few key simple ingredients you want to consider when you write your blog posts.  As a blogger not only do you want people to visit your blog but once they’ve arrived you want to ensure you keep them engaged with your blog posts.

What to include in a blog post

To help you, I’ve shared my 5 key things to include in your blog posts below:

1 – A Title

This is fairly obvious but it is important to give your blog post a title.  There are different ways to do this.  You can make the title catchy. State exactly what the blog post is about, eg. “3 Best Places to Eat in London” or make people intrigued and wanting to know more such as, “you’ll never guess what happened…”  These style of titles are often called click bait.  When it comes to titles for your blog posts I would recommend mixing the style you use up a little bit.

2 – A Photo

Including at least one photo is a great way to split up your text and make the blog post more visually appealing to your reader.  If you need advice in editing your photos, I shared my 3 favourite photo editing tools here.


3 – Split it Up

You want to ensure you don’t overwhelm your reader with words. So splitting the text up makes it look more visually appealing,  your photo helps with this. Other options are short paragraphs and including paragraphs of different lengths.  You also want to ensure the total length of your blog post isn’t too long.  If you have a lot to say about a topic it might be worth considering if you could make it into 2 posts to help keep your reader engaged.

4 – The Start 

It’s important to let your reader know what your blog post is going to be about in the first paragraph.  This way they know what to expect, it’s also a great way to get them interested from the beginning.

5 – The End

At the end of your blog post you want to give your reader something to do, you might ask them a question to answer in the comments, sign up to your mailing list or read a previous blog post which relates to the subject.

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Do you do all of these when you write your own blog posts or was there anything on this list you haven’t been doing?  Share your thoughts in the comments below?

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