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When I first started writing this blog, my intention was to write about my business journey.  However, over time my blog developed into sharing other things I was doing.   In fact, for a while I was fairly lost about what I wanted to write about, so I dabbled in different topics.

Recently my blog has evolved to include blogging tips with the launch of my blogging challenge, this is something I have really been enjoying including on my blog.  I am sure it will continue to evolve in the future.  As well as blogging tips at the moment I am also focused on travel, my life and a bit of business (which often overlaps with blogging), plus I have been brainstorming a couple of different topics.  Last month I shared a little bit about my blogging journey so far here, kickstarting my new YouTube blogging series.

In fact, recently I have been considering a rebrand and a redesign.  It is still early days for this as I am in the ideas stage but watch this space in the future.  I can only tell you it feels exciting!

The Evolution of Blogging

Why am I sharing this with you now?

For me, it’s ok to evolve your blog, to come up with new ideas, new names and go in different directions.  As human beings we are always evolving, learning and trying new things so why shouldn’t our blog be able to do the same?

I want you to know whatever part of your blogging journey you are on there are some important things to follow to make the experience fun and enjoyable right now.

  • Know what your passions are today – Whatever you are writing about ensure you enjoy it and it is a passion for you now.   Enthusiasm will come across in your writing, to make your readers want to come back to read more!  Last year I started a film series writing film reviews.  Although I adore watching films writing the reviews wasn’t something I particularly enjoyed so I stopped them!  I may bring them back one day but for now I plan to include them in my favourites posts instead.
  • Ensure it’s not a fad – Although you should write about something you are interested in now, you still want to ensure there is life in the future for your blog as evolution can be a slow process.  An example of this is writing a wedding blog for 3 months up to your wedding but then afterwards having no interest in weddings.  On the other hand, if this is something you’ve been interested in for a long time you will have lots of content to write about!  You don’t want to be changing the content of your blog every few months as some consistency is important.
  • It’s good to write about different topics – This is important for yourself and your readers to prevent any stagnation.  For me, I like to write about a number of different topics such as blogging, travel and experiences in my own life.  Within those subjects there are lots of different sub-topics.  For example with travel, I can include travel diaries, vlogs, reviews, planning – The list is long!  Because there are plenty of things to write about if I only blogged about travel there would still be lots of content.  If you chose something too narrow it may prevent evolution in the future.

For me, evolution is one of the most fun parts of blogging.  It’s great and cringy to look back at things I have filmed and written in the past but this is all part of the process. For me, my blogging journey has been so much fun.  I have learnt a lot about myself, it has stretched my comfort zone and it has allowed me to connect with some wonderful people.  Recently I feel like my blog and business is evolving more than ever!

What are your thoughts on the evolution of blogging?  Do you see your blog evolving in the future?  Share your ideas in the comments below!

This blog post was created as part of my Trigger Your Blog 7-day free blogging challenge.

How Your Blog Can Evolve