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Blogging is a huge passion of mine and I often get asked how I get into the ‘blogging zone’.  To be honest I do different things depending on my mood.  If I am really into what I am writing I can write anywhere, in a busy cafe, on the train or in a loud bar.  However, I tend to do most of my writing at home, alone.

For a long time, I sat in silence as I typed into my laptop.  After a while, the silence would get too much so I spent many hours watching YouTube videos instead of writing blog posts and working on my business.  Although I love watching YouTube videos I was spending too long with these online ‘friends’ and not focusing on my own tasks.

I have always loved listening to music but in recent years I didn’t take the time to listen to any since working from home.  I used to play music in the car when going to my 9-5 many years ago.  I don’t have a CD player and my phone memory is always full so I stopped listening to music for the most part.

Get in the blogging zone

Then I discovered Spotify.

I started listening to music on Spotify whilst working and my productivity shot up!

So now when I am writing and want to get in the zone I put a Spotify playlist on quietly in the background.  I have found this helps with my concentration and often I zone out anyway, that’s when I know I’ve been really focused!

Before I start I will put something upbeat on – Such as a Thursday Throwback playlist or some rock and sometimes have a dance.  I’ll also do this when I am taking a break to keep my energy levels and enthusiasm high!

When I need to focus, I tend to go for ‘easy listening’.  I tried classical music but that didn’t really work for me.  There is a great acoustic playlist which I have listened to over and over all through the summer.

Right now, I am listening to John Mayer on shuffle.  Until recently the only thing I knew about John Mayer was around his love life but I love his music now too!

When I am listening for pleasure my music taste is fairly varied.  When I need to focus I like some slow songs which are not too distracting.

How do you write your blog posts?  Do you prefer silence or like me do you enjoy some music?  Share what you do in the comments below.

This blog post was inspired by my Trigger Your Blog 7-Day Blogging Challenge.