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I love social media so much.  It amazes me how we can connect so simply and instantly with people from all over the world.  It gives us a place to learn, to be a little bit nosey at times seeing into people’s lives and it helps us to get to know people – Even if they don’t know us.

For years I have used social media as a place to find new people who inspire me and who I feel I can learn from.  I particularly love watching people on Snapchat.  On this platform, people show much more behind the scenes, more honesty and there is a bigger connection with the audience.  Saying that, I am not the best at keeping up to my own Snapchat Stories but I do my best to share a few a week.  I think there is something about the stories only being there for 24 hours which creates an urgency to watch what people are sharing.

If you want to follow me on Snapchat my username is carolinetowers – Or take a snap of this code below to find me instantly!

Snapchat Inspirations Caroline Towers

I have 3 current favourite ladies on Snapchat, whose stories I try not to miss.  There are plenty of others who I watch most days but these 3 women who I am going to share with you, inspire me daily!

Snapchatters Who Inspire Me

Alex Beadon – I discovered Alex many years ago on YouTube, she shares lots of business and marketing tips and advice.  What I love about watching Alex on Snapchat is she goes to a lot of effort with her stories, shares behind the scenes of her business and gives lots of tips.  For me, this is really inspiring as I am always striving to get better with my own business and Alex really helps me feel motivated because of her energy. Alex’s snapchat name is thealexbeadon.

Amanda Adams – Like Alex, Amanda is someone I have followed on other platforms for a long time.  She was a fitness model and now is on a mission to empower women to be fit, healthy and love their bodies by saying no to dieting!  What I love about her Snapchat Stories is she shows herself working out which always gets me inspired to go move my body.  She also shares when she doesn’t feel like working out, her fun times in Nashville and how she is able to live a balanced life.  Amanda’s snapchat name is amandaadamsfit

Cara at The Champagne Diet – Cara is the person on the list I discovered most recently.  I found her on Instagram and instantly followed her, quickly finding her on Snapchat too.  Again I love how Cara shows the behind the scenes in her business, her love of Soul Cycle (which I want to try next time I’m in the States) and her recent discussions about her food habits made me look further into my own digestive issues which I was having (something I may blog about later). She is also an author which is super inspiring to me. Cara’s snapchat name is glittergutsglam

All these women would be described as 100% girl bosses who inspire me constantly to be an even better version of myself.  To build my businesses, to live a healthy life and have fun along the way!

Who inspires you on Snapchat? Share their names in the comments below to share the love!

This post was inspired by my Trigger Your Blog blogging challenge

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