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I am really excited to announce the launch of my blog course, Trigger Your Blog.  This is a 21-day self-paced course with the goal to help you grow in confidence and consistency with your blog.  This is something I have been developing for a while, as I am so passionate about helping other bloggers grow in their own confidence and improve their blogging skills like I’ve been able to do over the years.  Watch the video below, where I share more. 

It’s Time to Trigger Your Blog

If you are ready to join Trigger Your Blog, click here.

Last week I hosted the Trigger Your Blog blogging challenge.  The challenge was so much fun,  I shared my thoughts from the challenge here.  It was great to build a community of bloggers, get to know each other and each day I shared blog prompts for people to interpret how they wished!

Is Trigger Your Blog like the challenge?

No, it is completely different.  Instead of receiving blog prompts each day you will receive actionable steps which you can complete in your own time to boost your confidence and consistency.  Monday to Friday you will have workbooks to complete, videos to watch or information to read.  The steps should take no more than 10 minutes a day.  Although, you may need to be prepared to be inspired and spend time working on your blog and blog posts during and after the course!

On a weekend we will be looking at how to share and promote your blog, this will be simple tips which will also allow you to catch up with any of the weekday actions.  Remember, this is self-paced so you can complete the course later if life gets in your way.

What will I learn on Trigger Your Blog?

Each week is focused on different elements of blogging:

  • Week 1 – Blogging Basics 101 – Why you blog and what you want to achieve.
  • Week 2 – Plan, Plan, Plan – How to plan ahead to keep consistent but be spontaneous when the occasion needs it!
  • Week 3- Creating Posts – Writing posts your readers will want to read.

Plus these bonuses:

  • Weekend Bonuses aimed at growing your audience.
  • Access to our Private Facebook Group, creating a community of fellow bloggers who will keep you accountable, you can bounce ideas off and share your progress and latest blog posts with!

I believe Trigger Your Blog is of immense value and I have been told I should be selling it for more!  As this is the first edition of Trigger Your Blog, I don’t have any testimonials so I wanted to keep the price point low to allow you to join us.  I can’t guarantee the price will stay the same on the next edition!

After immersing myself in learning everything I could about blogging, writing my own lifestyle blog, writing blogs for other people and speaking at public events about blogging, it’s time for me to share my knowledge with you.  I am passionate about helping other bloggers grow their confidence with themselves and their blog.

This is why I created Trigger Your Blog.

To find out more and to join us, click here.  

I am also hosting a series of FREE webinars in the build up to Trigger Your Blog, where I will be sharing 5 Easy Ways to Trigger Your Blog.  Click here to pick your time slot and join me!