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There are many great reasons to write seasonal blog posts.  We are currently in October, the start of almost 4 months of seasonal blog posts for you to get creative with.  Writing blog posts around particular seasons, dates and events are great additions to your blog year round with plenty of holidays, special dates and of course the change in seasons.

Writing Seasonal Blog Posts

What is a seasonal post?

A seasonal blog post is something focused around a popular topic at a certain time of year. No matter your niche, you can almost always find something which fits around the different seasons – Sometimes you may need to think outside the box.  At other times it is really obvious, for example, if you write recipes then your own version of the popular Pumpkin Spiced Latte would be just one pumpkin based recipe you could create in autumn.  Although seasonal posts are heavy at this time of year with Halloween and the build up to Christmas they are also relevant year round.  With events such as Easter, summer holidays and valentines all great dates to be aware of.

Some popular dates at this time of year are:

  • Autumn (Fall)
  • Halloween
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Winter
  • Christmas
  • New Year

Why write a seasonal post?

At certain times of year, people will be searching for specific posts based around upcoming dates or events.  If you have a craft blog with some Halloween-inspired creations, then people will be looking for this information for the last couple of weeks in October.  This means you could get a spike from google or people will be especially interested in what you are sharing on social media, if you have images which relate to the time of year.

Once you have written a seasonal post you can share them forever! If you have a great Christmas make-up look which you created last December then share it again this year and keep sharing it every year.

When would you post a seasonal post?

For big events such as Christmas, you could share these sooner as people are planning and looking for Christmas inspiration far in advance.  If it is more like a day such as International Yoga Day then a couple of weeks before would be sufficient, this allows you to create some traction before the big event.

Are there any other reasons to share a seasonal post?

Writing seasonal posts helps with inspiration as you know you have something specific to talk about relating to a subject.  It also allows you to be creative and mix things up a little bit on your blog.

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Do you have a favourite season to write about?  Are you planning to include seasonal posts on your blog?  Share your ideas by commenting below!

Why write seasonal blog posts