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Last month I was busy completing my blogging challenge so I missed out on sharing my monthly favourites.  So, here are my favourite things I have been loving for the last few months.  Now autumn is officially here it includes darker lipstick, cosy candles and trips to the cinema!

The Candle

Over the last month, the weather has turned to feeling autumnal as the nights draw in and the temperature cools.  This is the time of year I tend to use my candles more than ever.  They create a nice, cosy feeling in the evening.  My favourite candle recently has been one I was bought for Christmas last year.  It’s the Fresh Fig from The White Company.  I must admit, I almost didn’t want to start burning it as I don’t want to use it up – It just smells so good!

The White Company Fresh Fig

The Lipstick

Again, with the change in seasons I have been mixing up my lipstick colours.  Picking the darker tones rather than the pinks of the summer.  I have especially enjoyed wearing Arbonne’s Iris lipstick these last few months.  I’m wearing it here, whilst wine tasting in London.  It matches my red wine perfectly!

Arbonne Iris Lipstick

The Films

Over the last 3 months, I have watched a number of great films at the cinema.  My favourite being Hell or High Water which was recommended by Peter Iliff, the writer of Point Break at London Screenwriters Festival.  Another film I really enjoyed was The Infiltrator.  Both of these are crime-based dramas with great casts and great stories!

The Five Minute Journal

About a month ago I began using the Five Minute journal.  Writing a gratitude journal is something I used to do and I feel it has a positive impact on my life.  To get back into this habit I purchased the Five Minute Journal.  You can read more about my thoughts on it here.

The City

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been to London a number of times so I am including this as my favourite city for this favourites!  Alongside a weekend in August, I went to the London Screenwriters Festival in September, then  I visited for 2 business events plus I’m heading back this week – It certainly feels like a favourite place.  I love going on the tube, experiencing the city and trying new places to eat and exploring whilst I’m there.

Visiting London, Big Ben

So, those were my favourite things from the last few months.  What have you been enjoying recently?  Share in the comments below!

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