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It’s that time of year again, time for Christmas shopping! If you have a blogger to buy for this Christmas, I’m here to help you with my gift guide for bloggers.  Or, if you are a blogger, share this with your friends and family to give some friendly hints of what you want/need to help you on your blogging journey in 2017!

The Bloggers Christmas Gift Guide

The Splurge

If you have a bigger budget and really want to get something special a good camera makes a huge difference to the quality of images on blog posts.  I would recommend one with a flip screen as this makes it easier for taking photos at awkward angles or pictures of yourself.  I use and would recommend the Canon 700D.  This helps create great images, is good for video and has the flip screen.

The Books

Books to help a blogger improve their skills is a great way to go.  I believe we are always learning.  This photography book from blogging superstars Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess would make a lovely gift for anyone aspiring to improve their photos.

The Special Mug

Something most bloggers will love is someone who has thought specifically about them and chosen a gift with love.  A ‘bloggers’ mug makes the perfect gift.  There are some great ones on Etsy, I especially love this one.

The Relaxation Gift

When your blogger is working on their laptop for hours on end, it’s nice to get them something to help them to relax and create a nice working space.  These delicious candles from the White Company do just that.  A diffuser is another alternative to creating a healthy work area and by adding some essential oils they can help any mood.  Candles and diffusers also double as a great background addition to Instagram and blog post photos!

The Notes

A notebook is a great gift for the blogger who is always making notes on their next posts and lists of what they have to do.  I especially love this one from!  A diary is another thoughtful gift which is a great way to plan out blog posts, add in special dates and keep organised with writing their blog.  Gold script is very ‘on trend’ right now, so this diary would be great for the New Year.

The Nail Polish

If your blogger is someone who takes lots of photos or cutaways for their blog and videos then it’s always important to keep their nails looking good!  A fun Christmas nail polish set makes a nice treat and allows them to mix up the colours of their much photographed fingers.

The Earphones

If the blogger you are buying for loves to travel, edits lots of videos or likes to listen to music when working in a cafe then some new headphones would make a great gift. These Bose wireless headphones may be a bit of a splurge but they are known for their excellent quality and are noise cancelling too!

The Bloggers Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

These were a few ideas for you to buy the blogger in your life this Christmas.  Often bloggers are buying things to review, use on photos or they might even get items sent to them by brands so they can be hard to buy for.  I believe my Christmas gift guide will be a great help and I am sure most bloggers would love these gifts!

If you are a blogger comment below what you would love to receive for Christmas (and remember to share this with your friends and family members!).

Disclaimer – This post includes affiliate links