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November was a really busy month, in which I took a slight break from blogging.  That doesn’t mean I wasn’t working on my blog behind the scenes though!  It was also a month which went from cold England to the warmth of the Caribbean.

The Trip to London

As has been a running theme over my last few monthly recaps, I had a trip to London.  Like the month before it included a visit to the Houses of Parliament where I was invited to an event discussing Yorkshire. 3 local MP’s held a panel discussion about how businesses in the north can prosper, there were talks about the future with Brexit and the HS3 train plus plenty more too!  It was interesting to listen to the different points of view.  After such a serious lunch meeting, myself and my mum (who I went with) went for a drink in Fortnum and Mason, which is a traditional British department store.  Followed by a delicious Italian dinner at Cicchetti on Picadilly.

What I Did November 2016 - Fortnum and Mason

The Bonfire

The 5th November is Bonfire Night in the UK, as it fell on a Saturday night I decided to go to a local bonfire.  It was very busy but still nice to see some fireworks and warm up by the fire.  Afterwards, we went for a few drinks at the local pub which is always fun!

What I Did November 2016 - Bonfire Night

The Dinner

The following weekend I attended the Dave Rayner Fund Dinner, which is something I go to every year.  The fund is set up in memory of Dave Rayner and they raise money to help support cyclists race in Europe to follow their dreams.  It’s always a fun night and great to see lots of money was raised once again!

What I Did November 2016 - The Dave Rayner Dinner

The Holiday

The end of November consisted of 11 days on the beautiful island of Barbados.  I’ve visited a number of times and I am sure it gets better every year!  We stayed in 2 hotels, South Beach and Accra which are almost opposite each other.  The area we stayed in is called Rockley and it has some good bars and places to eat plus it’s not far from St Lawrence Gap which has more restaurants.  It was great to chill out around the pool and on the beach through the day and on an evening go for nice meals accompanied by a few cocktails – rum punch being my favourite.  As well as relaxing we went on an island tour where we explored caves and an old plantation house.  It was a great way to end November!

What I Did November 2016 - Barbados What I Did November 2016 - Barbados

November was certainly a varied month, in between the fun events, there was lots of work done to ensure I could make the most of relaxing on a sunbed!  I haven’t travelled to the sunshine very much at this time of year but it is certainly something I would do again.

What did you do in November? Share your favourite thing below!