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The last couple of months have been pretty full-on with lots of travel and of course, the Christmas festivities.  Amongst all the madness I have a few things which became firm favourites over the last few months.

The Favourites November December 2016

The Travel

During November and December, I visited Barbados and Germany. Both very different trips, one to the hot sunshine of a Caribbean island and the other to the cooler German market in Nuremberg.  Both trips were so much fun and it was a great reminder of how much I love to get on an aeroplane and travel.

The Books

One of the great things I love to do when travelling is read.  Whilst in Barbados I read a couple of good fiction books including Where My Heart Used to Beat by Sebasian Faulks .  Before I went away I started The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells, a really great book about self-love and loving your body.  It’s the perfect read now we are in the new year and social media seems to be filled with diets, as this is not about dieting at all.

The Christmas Markets

As I mentioned in my December recap post I love visiting the Christmas markets during December, this year I went to Leeds, Manchester and Nuremberg.  It’s one of my favourite things to do pre-Christmas to start feeling festive.

The TV Show

During the Christmas holidays, I began watching Game of Thrones.  It wasn’t a show I thought I’d enjoy as generally I’m not a huge fan of the fantasy genre.  However, a few people recommended it to me around the same time Sky were showing the full show so far.  After just one episode I was hooked!  Currently, I’m on season 4, so no spoilers please but I can’t wait to see what happens next!

The Films

I love watching films and whilst flying I was able to watch quite a few.  My absolute favourite was Anthropoid.  I also enjoyed Bad Moms and The Nice Guys.  At the cinema I loved Allied and Rogue One.  I also enjoyed Arrival and Passengers more than I expected.  It’s certainly been a good few months of movie watching.  I watched 47 films in 2017, my aim was 50 so I just fell short but I do love a good movie night!

The Magazine

I recently subscribed to the Blogosphere Magazine which is a great magazine for bloggers.  It’s really good quality and I’ve enjoyed learning about other bloggers out there who are featured in the magazine.  If you are a serious blogger, I’d highly recommend checking it out!

The Podcast

I discovered Jenna Kutcher earlier in 2016 and am a big fan of her blog and Instagram feed (she’s a photographer and it always looks spot on).  Recently she launched a podcast called Goal Digger and I’ve really enjoyed listening to it.  She focuses mainly on business tips and interviews some great entrepreneurs.  I love listening and this year she is upping the podcast to 2 episodes a week – Yay!

The Workouts

In December I started a new workout routine and so far I’ve been loving it.  I enjoy working out but after an ankle injury which went on for 9 months, once it was healed I’ve struggled to get back into a proper routine.  It’s been 7 weeks and I’ve stuck to it pretty well, even over Christmas.  It’s nice to be enjoying exercising again and not have an injury to hinder me either!

The Drink

If you read my What I Did in December post you may have noticed there was a lot of mulled wine and prosecco drunk over the last month or so and these are drinks I love!  However, I have also discovered a new hot drink which is ginger, lemon and honey with hot water.  I don’t drink coffee or tea and the only hot drink I usually have is hot chocolate so this has been quite a revelation!

What’s Your Favourite?

The last few months have been full of same great things for me.  What have been your favourite things in the last couple of months?  Comment below with your answer.

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