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Before Christmas, I was accepted on to the Entrepreneurial Spark Sprint program – A 3-month intense business accelerator to help me here on Conversations with Caroline.  I feel so honoured and excited to be part of E-Spark.  On Monday it was time to go to the Entrepreneurial Spark Bootcamp.

Although I’ve been in business for over 5 years, there is always space for growth and learning.  I love learning new things to help me be the best I can be.  This ultimately will help you, due to the content I am creating, my online coaching, my Trigger Your Blog course and anything I create in the future.  The Entrepreneurial Spark Bootcamp was a full day of learning, business theory, networking and more!  Here are a few things I learnt throughout the day.

Entrepreneurial Spark Bootcamp

You can FAIL

One of the key messages from Bootcamp was it’s ok to fail.  In fact, it’s encouraged to quickly fail and then move onto the next challenge.  In other words keep going and don’t let yourself feel bad about something not working for you at that point.  When it comes to blogging, remember this.  Some posts won’t work, some images won’t come out or maybe a topic is not as interesting to write about as you expected.  This is all ok.

Pivot when Needed

Another main element of the day was about pivoting in business.  This is something I have done here. I began as a lifestyle blog and along the way I wrote about travel, health, films, food and lots more.  Now I am settled and writing about blogging but to get here not only did I have to fail but also pivot.  Although it was scary to transition from lifestyle to blogging now I am so glad I did it!  For your blog, it’s ok to experiment with different topics and if you need to pivot and readjust go for it!

Learn what you Do

Pitching is a huge part of the Entrepreneurial Spark program and something I’ll be practising a lot over the coming months.  I have often hated it when people have asked me what I do, I have a range of interests and in the past have struggled to explain what I actually do. By learning how to pitch I’ll be able to easily explain to people outside of blogging exactly what I do!  If you never know what to say about your blog then practice your own pitch.  Keep it simple, have some structure and be confident.

Overall, I had a fantastic day at Bootcamp and I am looking forward to the next 3 months on the Entrepreneurial Spark program.

I’ll be sharing more about my Entrepreneurial Spark journey with my VIP list.  Sign up here for some behind the scenes reports!