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Last week I was thrilled to attend a live screening of an event called Inspiring Entrepreneurs – Internet Icons.  The live event was taking place at the British Library in London with screenings taking part around the country.  There were 4 speakers, all of who have created successful online businesses.  They were Rupert Hunt of Spare Room, Sarah Wood from Unruly, Aron Gelbard co-founder of Bloom & Wild and finally, there was Ella Mills of Deliciously Ella.  All the speakers were excellent but Deliciously Ella is a blog I’ve followed for a while so I was looking forward to hearing her top blogging tips.

Deliciously Ella began as a food blog.  Over the last few years both the blog and business has expanded considerably.  Ella now has written 4 recipe books, has products in major supermarkets and has her own delis in London.

Blogging Tips from Deliciously Ella

Here are the top 3 blogging tips which I picked up from Deliciously Ella:

1 – It’s ok to start a blog you know nothing about – Deliciously Ella began as a food blog.  After struggling with an illness Ella decided to share her experiences about how healthy food was helping her so she began a blog.  She wasn’t a gourmet chef and had no training.  She knew nothing about food, blogging or anything but she did it anyway!  Now on Instagram alone, Deliciously Ella has over 1 million followers.

2 – You can make a niche work – Deliciously Ella is a vegetarian, wheat free blog which is very niche.  Not everyone is searching for these specific things but she has been able to make this niche work for her.  Whatever your niche there is most likely a market for it!

3 – The power of the internet can grow your brand – As a blogger one of the things you may be looking for is to build a community, a group of loyal superfans.  To do this Ella said she engages obsessively online.  By this, she responds to comments, talks to people and even though she has grown significantly she still makes time to do this every day.

It’s always wonderful to hear from other bloggers and follow their journey.  Deliciously Ella has been a blog I’ve followed for a while so it was great to hear Ella speak!

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