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When I wrote my lifestyle blog, I was often asked what exactly is a lifestyle blog?  There are so many blogs online which are defined as this, yet they are all so different.  For me, a lifestyle blog is a blog which is around the bloggers life.  A place to share your experiences, your favourite things and at times it can also be a diary.

What is a lifestyle blog

What is a Lifestyle Blog?

If you want to create your own blog, a lifestyle blog is a good place to start.  It’s a chance to experiment with different topics, which ultimately allows you to create your own niche.  it encompasses whatever subjects you enjoy talking about.

Many people often transition into writing lifestyle blogs.  Perhaps they start with beauty or fashion but find they want to expand their subject matter.

Whether you start with a lifestyle blog, end with one or simply are navigating your way through a number of different subjects to talk about.  A lifestyle blog is a good description of a blog which might not easily fit into another blog niche.  A lifestyle blog is very general and this can be a good thing.  It gives you flexibility to write about different subjects.

If you’re writing a lifestyle blog, I would recommend over time you narrow down your sub-niches.  For example, when I wrote my lifestyle blog there was a time when I focused on travel, films and my personal experiences.  These were my sub-niches and I kept with those for a while.  A blog can evolve over time so once you’ve decided on your lifestyle sub-niches you don’t have to be stuck with those forever.  However, I would recommend sticking with them for a few months so you can see which you enjoy, what your readers enjoy and which blog posts are receiving some traction online.

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If you’re not sure exactly what you want to write about or you know you want to write about a number of specific topics then a lifestyle blog is a genre to consider for you and your blog.

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