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I love to travel and as bloggers, I know many of you also share this love.  So, today I am launching my new travel series to help my fellow bloggers out next time you are planning a trip.  I’ll still be keeping this site focused on blogging tips but recently I was brainstorming what other topics could be helpful to you – So I came up with travel posts!

Bloggers Who Travel Blog Series

Bloggers who Travel Series

The goal is to share a travel related post once a month, with a selection of travel tips, travel diaries and travel guides.  Last year I was fortunate to travel to America, Germany and Barbados.  Whilst this was still focused on being a lifestyle blog, I shared my America travel diaries here.  Which leaves Barbados and Germany to share in the near future.

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This year I already have trips to Belgium and Italy booked, plus fingers crossed I’ll be heading on my first trip to New York towards the end of the year. This means there will be plenty of travel posts for you to read and be inspired by.

Travel is one of my ultimate passions.  My goal is for this to be the year of travel so whether that’s trip in the UK or further afield I’m looking forward to officially sharing these on my blog again.  They are one of my favourite posts to write and of course, the experience of travel is always a good one!  You can check my previous travel blog posts here.

Tell me, do you love to travel?  What sort of travel posts would you like to see me include on this blog?  Join in the travel conversation on Instagram using #bloggerswhotravel

I value all your input and if you have a travel guide or travel inspired post you’d like to share, contact me here.