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When you are deciding what to blog about there are so many different topics you can include.  They key is to make a decision about what you are going to share over the coming months.  Once you have decided what your blog will offer you can then begin to do the 3 C’s – confidently create content.

I say months because once you make a decision it doesn’t have to be forever! As you change and your blog evolves you may feel like you want to mix up some of your content and develop your niche.  It’s important to make a decision.  By not making one you are going to feel stuck and struggle to move forward.  Once you make a decision, even if it turns out wrong you can always make a change or learn a lesson from it in the future!

What does your blog offer?

What does your blog offer?

As I’ve shared before, I believe blogging is about finding your own niche.  Forget what other people are doing and carve out your blog subjects so people know what you and your blog offer.

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When I was writing my lifestyle blog there was a period when I blogged about films, travel and local places I visited.  This was my niche for a while.  Although these subjects might not go together at first glance, by making them my own I was able to carve out my niche and stand out online.

To decide what you want to blog about I would recommend taking the following steps:

  • Make a list of all the things you enjoy in life and would like to talk about.
  • Write a list of all the things you wouldn’t want to write about or share on the internet – Discard these topics.
  • With your likes list, go through and think about if you would like to write about these topics for the next 6 months.  Would you enjoy writing about this subject? Would you be happy to share this to the world? Is there plenty of content you could share?
  • Then you want to see if there are any topics which stand out to you most.  Are there any topics which complement each other?
  • It’s then time to make a decision! With you what you have left, pick out the subjects and any sub-topics you are going to focus on.
  • If you are struggling with making a decision, follow your gut instinct.  There is likely to be one topic pulling you more than the others.  By making a decision you will be able to move forward with your blog and start putting out regular content!
  • Keep coming back and assessing what you want to share.  I am focused on sharing blogging tips to compliment my coaching and online course.  Recently I re-assessed what topics I want to blog about and I kept coming back to travel, which is why earlier this week I launched my #bloggerswhotravel series.

This shows you how it’s ok to keep pivoting and updating your niche – If it feels right.

To access the Find your Blog worksheet click here for free access to my bloggers resource library.