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Welcome back to my 4-part series helping you set the groundwork for your blog.  Today, we’re going to delve into how to blog consistently. Staying consistent is one of the most challenging parts of blogging.  You start out with big ideas about blogging loads and loads but this can become harder as time commitments close in on you.  This is why today, I’m sharing my 3 steps to blogging consistently.

3 Steps to Blogging Consistently

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Blogging Consistently

Last week we talked about brainstorming ideas using my free Blog Planning Workbook, so you will never run out of content ideas.

Once you have some ideas it’s time to create a calendar.  This way you know when you will be posting your blog posts.  Decide how often you will be posting each month.  Make it something which is doable for you, start small, you can always increase this later.  Slot your blog posts into the calendar, then you will know when you will be posting and what you need to write about.

There is a content calendar included in my Blog Planning Workbook. Enter your name and email below for instant access:

Once you have your calendar it’s time to write.

This is where my 3-step system comes in.  Use the following steps to keep your consistency going:

Step 1 – Batch Blog – Batch blogging is writing a few draft blog posts all in the same sitting.  Once you get into the flow you will get into the “creative zone”.  This means once you start your ideas will flow and you will create a few draft posts to work from. Creatively, this is a more positive approach than breaking your sessions up and having to get into the zone every time.  Because of this, you will save time in the long run.

Step 2 – Edit – Once you have your blog posts batch written you can start to edit them.  It makes sense to edit in the order you have them in your calendar.  Editing is about tidying up your blog posts, making each one sense, adding in images, checking for errors and creating headers. You may need to come back a few times to edit the post.

Step 3 – Schedule – Once you have edited the post it’s time to schedule it. By scheduling in advance you don’t have any stress on the day to hit publish.  By being organised with your blog planning you can have multiple blog posts scheduled according to your calendar.  This removes last minute panic and nerves to post your blog posts.

To keep on top of where you are at with each blog post use the Blog Checklist in the Blog Planning Workbook.  This way you will always know what you have done and what needs doing.  Being organised is not my strong point but following these steps and keeping a track of them is one of the best ways to I’ve found to stay consistent.

Once you get into a routine of batch blogging, editing and scheduling it will help you to stay consistent with your blog.

Get access to my free Blog Planning Workbook to help you stay consistent:

Then when your blog is live it’s time to share it with the world!

In the next instalment of this 4-part series, we will be discussing how to share your blog posts and be seen.