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We made it to the final part of my 4-part blogging series!  In this series, we’ve discussed how to set a strong foundation for your blog. Today I’m bringing it all together to set your blog up for success.  There’s also some tips from two of the UK’s top bloggers, In The Frow and Em Talks, as they share what they would tell themselves if they could go back to the early stages of their blogging life.

Here’s a recap of the series so far:

1 – Start with your Blogging Why

2 – 3 Steps to Blogging Consistently 

3 – 5 Ways to Get Your Blog Seen

4 – How to Set Your Blog up for Success (this post)

In this post, I’m taking you through what you need to have in place to create a successful blog.  There’s a misconception there is no more space in the blogging world, it’s over-saturated and only the “big” bloggers can achieve anything.  For me, I believe there is room for everyone to blog but it takes time and there really is no such thing as an overnight success.

How to set your blog up for success

What Is Blogging Success?

Success if different to everyone.  It’s important to define what a successful blog would mean to you.  This can change over time as you achieve your goals and stretch yourself.  Some measurable aspects of success might be your monthly readership, working with certain brands or earning a specific amount of money every month.  It could also be about inspiring your readers or making new online relationships.

When you are looking at your own success, it’s important to not compare yourself to others.

It’s ok to use other bloggers as your inspiration.  More importantly, you need to create your own goals to work towards building your own success.

In order to achieve the success you want in the future, it’s important you put in the work now.  Overnight success may seem to happen from the outside but you will never see the hours bloggers spend on their blogs behind the scenes.

Em Talks Blogging Tips

Photo from Em’s Instagram @emshelx

In part 2 of this series, I shared how consistency is the key to success – I believe this is the case in all parts of life.  This is something Em Sheldon from Em Talks, a beauty, lifestyle and travel blog agrees with.

“Consistency is key! I wish I didn’t give up with my YouTube and then have to try again 3 years later. Same with blogging, I was quite on and off with it at the start and my quality really wasn’t great. We get scared as no-one is reading to begin with but eventually, the audience will come!” – Em Sheldon, Em Talks.

Do you need to Hustle?

Hustle is a word banded about so much on the internet when it comes to blogging.  If you’re not blogging 24/7 are you really committed?!  I really don’t believe this and I don’t advocate this mindset, as I recently shared on Instagram.

Of course, you need to work hard.  Nothing comes easy but you do need to create a life and blog balance.  Organisation, consistency and knowing your why are all great ways to keep you focused when you need to.

In The Frow Blogging Tips

Photo from

Victoria McGrath of In The Frow agrees.  According to Influential Blogs, she is the 6th biggest beauty blogger in the UK.  Although, In The Frow also covers lifestyle, fashion and travel.

“I’d probably say – try to find a work/life balance as soon as possible. Seeing your friends is just as important as growing and writing your blog, and you need to organise your time better to be able to enjoy both work and your social life side by side!” – Victoria McGrath, In The Frow

It’s important to remember consistency, balance, organisation and of course, a want when it comes to achieving your goals to create a successful blog.

By setting the groundwork for your blog, you are more likely to be able to achieve your goals.  Over this series, we’ve looked at knowing your why – The reason you are blogging in the first place.  I shared the 3 steps to blogging consistently, a point which Em also emphasised in order to achieve success.  How to stand out online and finally today we looked at how to create your own success

It’s been lots of fun sharing this blogging series.  I want to wish you all the success when it comes to your blog.

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