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Over the last 6 months or so, I’ve really got into listening to podcasts.  I tend to listen to them in the shower, on the train or sometimes I’ll go for a walk and get inspired.  There are so many high-quality podcasts out there, each one sharing different information, stories and providing entertainment.  Right now, I tend to listen to more business focused podcasts as it’s a great way for me to learn on the go.

Here are some of my current favourites, although I listen to more, these are the ones where I never miss an episode!

Current Favourite Podcasts

The Goal Digger Podcast

Hosted by Jenna Kutcher, The Goal Digger Podcast is aimed at creative entrepreneurs.  Jenna has built an incredible business empire herself and shares lots of tips, real life examples and she also interviews some really inspiring guests.  The Goal Digger podcast is released on a Monday and Wednesday so it feels like there is always something good to listen to.

She Means Business

I’ve mentioned this podcast before in a previous favourites post.  Carrie Green is another highly successful business women who is the creator of the Female Entrepreneur Association.  In She Means Business, Carrie mainly interviews other successful business women who share their business stories, provide some valuable tips and share some juicy behind the scenes of their lives and their journeys to success.

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At Home With…

This is the newest addition to my podcast listening. At Home With is by 2 of the UK’s top bloggers and 2 of my personal favourites (I especially love their YouTube videos) Lily Pebbles and Anna Gardner.  I really like the concept of this podcast.  Each week they visit and interview a different guest in their home.  During the podcast, they talk about their homes and also their journeys to where they got to today.  It’s a really unique concept and so far I’ve loved every episode!

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The Empire Podcast

The Empire Podcast is the first podcast I discovered.  This is a total podcast for pleasure as it’s all about films, I also received a subscription to the magazine as a Christmas present.  During the podcast, they share the latest movie news, interview Hollywood guests and review the newest films.  I love to not only know what they think of films but really enjoying hearing people talking about films in general.

Women in Business

The Women in Business Podcast is hosted by June Sarpong where she interviews British business owners who are up and coming.  During the same interview she also brings in someone who has been successful in a similar industry to share their story and give some tips to the newer business woman.  The podcast is powered by NatWest who also support Entrepreneurial Spark which I am part of, so I’ve even known some of the guests too!

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Coming Up

A few days ago, as a member of the Northern Power Women’s Future List, I was invited to an event in Manchester to celebrate the success of women in the north.  At this event, the Northern Power Women Podcast was announced and I even watched a live recording!  The podcast begins next month so this is one I’m looking forward to checking out.

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I also know 2 of my personal business mentors Alex Beadon and Melyssa Griffin have podcasts coming out soon.  I know they will be both be added to my must listen to list each week – I can wait!

Those are my current 5 favourite podcasts with a peak into what I’ll be listening to in the future.  What podcasts do you listen to which you would recommend?  Comment below!