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You are in the right place if you’re ready to overcome your blogging fears.  There are so many blogs published on a daily basis, how do you stand out.  Are you nervous to press publish on your posts, struggling to stay consistent or worried people might actually read your blog?

I’ve had all those fears and more.

You started your blog because you have something to say, inspiration to give or you want to document what you’ve been up and experiences you’ve had (the good AND the bad).
When I began my blogging journey it was nerve-wracking.  I immersed myself in blogging, educating myself about the online world.  I built up my lifestyle blog and I loved the creativity and writing which was involved.  However, I came to a point where I wanted to share more and help other bloggers.  So, I transitioned my lifestyle blog into a platform for bloggers.  Sharing my blogging tips, advice and inspiration.

I want you to dream big.

Instead of you struggling to work it out alone I want you to use this site as a place of comfort, information and inspiration to help you achieve your blogging dreams.  There is a reason you started blogging and whatever it is I am here for you every step of the way to help you get there.

I believe in you.

There are a number of ways you can get involved and begin to take your first steps to growing your blog and shining online.
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Interested in something specific? Read through my blog and find the key information you need right now.
I am here for you to help you and your blog become the best you can be.
If you want to read more about me click here and find out my story to where we are today.


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Caroline Towers is the creator of Conversations with Caroline.  She lives near Bradford, West Yorkshire, England.

Caroline Towers Conversations with Caroline

Starting work in her family’s bike shop, Pennine Cycles, Caroline has always had an interest in health and fitness.  She has had a variety of work roles from working at a mortgage company to working in Social Services.  Aged 19 Caroline trained as a Personal Trainer, this including fitness training, massage and nutrition.  In 2011 she received her BA (hons) degree in Creative Writing and English Literature.  She continues to enjoy reading and writing creatively.

Caroline has been nominated at the Yorkshire Women of Achievement Awards, in 2012 for Young Woman of the Year and 2013 and 2016 for Business Woman of the Year.

In 2011 Caroline started her own online health and wellness business and began in Autumn 2013. Caroline is also the co-founder of Voltage Sport.

CONVERSATIONS WITH CAROLINE: A Blogging & Lifestyle blog.

Conversations with Caroline is a blogging and lifestyle blog which aims to inspire other bloggers to grow their confidence and consistency.  Sharing subjects such as blogging and business tips, travel and insights into Caroline’s life.  It is a place for fun, positivity and inspiration.


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