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My online business journey dates back to 2010.  After a number of years working in a corporate job, I kept thinking there must be more life.

I came to a crossroads in life, I’d been working for a number of years almost-always on a temporary contract as I didn’t want to commit to the 9-5.  The time came when I was offered a permanent position and I had a decision to make.  So one day, after I’d already bought a house with a mortgage I decided to go to university.  I’d considered uni and even got a place studying English and Sociology straight out of school but instead, I got a job.  I’d keep coming back to the idea of studying English but I had this creative side which I also wanted to explore after I’d been to a few writing classes.  I got a place studying Creative Writing and English Literature.  I loved it!  The learning, the creativity and the opening of my mind.  At one time I had 4 jobs to get me through so it wasn’t always easy but it was worth it.

One of these jobs was working freelance doing some admin work.  This was my first experience of the self-employed life and it was great.  Once I graduated I started an online business patterning with health and well-being company Arbonne – A business I still have today.

With this business and my freelance work – Which was rapidly growing I didn’t have to go back to the 9-5.  I worked with clients writing blog posts and social media was starting to boom.  I immersed myself in the online world and after a year decided to start my own lifestyle blog.

My first blog, Conversations with Caroline, was so much fun to create.  I shared my adventures in business in life, travel and many of the things I was learning about and enjoying.  After working with an awesome business coach I started to transition my blog into teaching blogging.  I always had so many people ask me questions about blogging, it made sense to share my knowledge.

Since then I launched my signature course Trigger Your Blog which teaches bloggers how to be more confident, consistent and stand out online.

In January 2018 I launched The Content Edit helping bloggers and micro-business owners shine online.

I am also the co-founder of Voltage Sport where we blog about sport, fitness & share recipes.  Our online shop is full of leisurewear for the sports fan too!

I want to help you find your creativity, your passion and to follow your dreams.

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“Caroline is friendly, professional and committed to making things run exactly the way they should.”

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