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Conversations with Caroline FAQ | Caroline Towers

Here are some questions which you may like to know the answers to, if there is anything else you would like to ask please contact me.

What is Conversations with Caroline about?

Conversations with Caroline is a personal lifestyle blog about lots of fun things I do, experience  and want to share.  It also is a place you can feel happy and inspired to live your best life.  You can read more about this here.

Why Conversations with Caroline?

Choosing a blog name is hard!  It represents me talking to me readers – You!

When did you start blogging?

I thought about it for a long time and actually started in October 2013.  I wish I’d done it sooner now as it’s so much fun!

What’s your health and wellness business?

I have a health and wellness business in partnership with Arbonne International where I help people feel healthy inside and out by sharing amazing products which range from anti-ageing to baby to cosmetics to nutrition.  I also coach people to start their own Arbonne business and create an income for themselves.

Can I join your Arbonne business?

Sure!  On my website you can purchase products (be a preferred client for 20% off) or join me as a business partner.

Do you have any other businesses?

Yes!  I describe myself as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, I am co-founder of Voltage Sport, where we recently launched our first shop.

Do you accept sponsored posts?

I am interested in working with brands which fit with Conversations with Caroline.  I would love to collaborate in a fun and creative way which helps the brand and my blog.

Please note all sponsored posts will include no-follow links. This is in accordance with Google guidelines. All sponsored posts will be attributed as so within the post.

Do you accept products for review?

If the product fits with Conversations with Caroline then I would love to review it and share with my readers.  I will always share my honest opinions around products.  There are no guarantees that I will share every product sent – but if I love it I probably won’t be able to help myself!  To send products please contact me.

How can we work with you?

I love to work with fantastic companies, as a business owner myself I understand how brands work.

Some of the ways I can work with you are:

  • Writing – I love to write!
  • Social Media – I love sharing and talking on the different platforms
  • Talks – I am experienced in presenting
  • Interviews – I love to chat with new people
  • Advertising – A fun way to connect
  • Events – It’s fun going to new events
  • Reviews – I enjoy trying new products and services
  • Videos – I’m really getting into making videos on YouTube
  • Ambassadorship – If I believe in I would love to share

Can I pay you to write for me?

I love to write and have a degree in Creative Writing so if you would like me to do some writing for you I would love to chat more.  I have blogging packages available if you would like me to put some blog posts together for you!

Can I advertise on your blog?

Yes of course – If the  brand fits with Conversations with Caroline then adverts are accepted.

Would you like to come to our event?

If I am free then yes!  I love checking out new venues, new brands and new events.  So please invite me along 🙂

Can I use your photographs?

Nope Sorry.  All my photographs are copyrighted to me and can not be used without my permission.

What camera do you use?

Most of my blog photos are taken with my Canon 700D, sometimes I use my IPhone 6 when I am out and about.

Are you on Instagram?

Yes! It’s one of my favourite social media sites, you can find me @carolinetowersbiz

How did you design your blog?

I self-taught myself on wordpress, the best tools to use are Google and YouTube for step-by-step guides.  It’s been a fun learning experience.